As a decades-long practitioner of Pareto thinking, or applying the 80/20 principle, this morning’s email that I received from Todd Brown regarding what to focus on with your marketing really resonated. Too many of us focus on the minors. This was a reminder to me – yes – I also have to frequently check myself – as it is so easy to get sucked into irrelevant and low value activities.

Now Todd advocates that we stop focusing on ‘things that whisper’, and rather to apply our attention to the ‘things that scream’.

Being from South Africa, we’ve learnt that to ensure survival, we actually really need to pay attention to ‘Things That Roar!’ 🙂

Todd’s email ..

AVOID: “Things that whisper” in your marketing

As a marketer, sweating over certain details is a foolish use of your time.

  • Button color…
  • Web page background color…
  • Tahoma or Verdana font…
  • Dark-blue, black, or red colored headline…

…these are “things that whisper”, as my friend, Mary Ellen Tribby would say.

None of those things have the power or potential to double or triple your sales conversions.

None will take a sub-par marketing campaign and make it a winner.

None of those things — the things that whisper — are where the best direct marketers invest their time. None.

My friend and direct response marketing legend, Mark Ford, says, “Focus on the things that have the power to double or triple sales. The things that scream. Things like the Big Idea… the primary promise, the headline and lead… the marketing argument… the offer presentation, etc.”

Because those are the parts of your marketing that can and do make or break any campaign.

And when you understand how to properly tweak and refine those “things that scream”… they can change everything for you.

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