Hi – I’m Jeff Walters. Welcome to my website. Depending on when you visit this site, it could be light on content. However, the intent is to evolve this into a site containing both useful original and curated content, as well as review of products – for which I may, or may not earn an affiliate commission. In time, I will also be adding a products section, as I have created both software and information products – which I have either sold online, or to offline businesses.

Just a short background …

I started my professional career as a civil engineer, but after a few years, switched careers  – moving into business – in various roles relating to strategy, customer analytics and database marketing.

I have worked in several industries over the past 30 years – initially in engineering, then to strategy, customer analytics in financial services, CRM in my own business for several years, and lately in advanced analytics in a national electrictrity utility.

The most fun I had whilst in a corporate environment was the period when I led a team deriving customer analytics in financial services. This entailed customer profitability analysis – which led to customer lifetime value profiling, and this was used for outbound direct marketing campaigns.

We successfully grew the profitable segments in the businesses we worked with by exploiting opportunities idenhtified through behavioural and profitability analysis.

Internet Marketing – Round 1

I first started online in about 2004 – initially part time- when Adsense sites were popular. WordPress was just emerging as a viable alternative to HTML sites – but the generic theme that it came with was very plain, and it took some work to make a WordPress site look decent.

I used my programming skills to develop a product – Rapid Niche Websites – which was a desktop themebuilder, which allowed you to quickly design an attractive looking site on your desktop with a point-and-click interface, and then upload that theme + several useful plugins up to a raw WordPress site. The RNW upload process removed all the dummy information on the new site (plugins & sample posts). So – within 15 to 30 minutes – you would have a configured and ‘ready to go’ niche website.

I successfully sold this product for a few years – and had some decent earnings for 2 years after launching it (just over $200k) – to the extent that it supported my family over that period. However, the ongoing WordPress changes (Vsn 1.5 – Vsn 2 period) meant that I was continually updating the theme builder, or the associated plugins. The trend at the time was to sell these sort of products for a once-off fee – but the effort to maintain it was ongoing. This was essentially a recipe for disaster in the long term – as the only source of income was from new sales, but the work to support the existing customer base with regular updates was considerable.

The stress of maintaining this product (and the associated financial challenges) eventually took it’s toll on my health, and I finally adhered to my wife’s regular requests, and I reluctantly rejoined corporate life (or is it existence …:(? ).

Coporate Life – Round 2

I have now worked for the past 9 years as an enterprise architect – focussing on advanced analytics. Whilst it’s fun to be involved in data science and provide thought leadership to a young team, I have never allowed my passion for marketing – and in particular internet marketing – to die. Over the years that I have been back in corporate life, I have regularly kept up with changes, and unfortunately, have also been sucked into buying too many products that failed to deliver.

Digital Marketing – The Final Destination …

I have recently started to rekindle my IM activities on a more serious basis. However, it occurred to me that I had actually been looking at the market from too narrow perspective. While I have been in an out of Internet Marketing for just over 10 years, I have actually been in Digital Marketing for 20 years. The principles we applied in database marketing in banking and in my own business are as valid today, as they were when we first applied them.

Seeing that I used 80/20, or Pareto thinking extensively to help segment our customers, and identify the most profitable market segments, I decided to include Pareto in the domain name. Perry Marshall is a big fan of 80/20, so I know I am in good company.

At this stage my activites are on a part-time / after hours basis. However, my ultimate goal is to build up a portfolio of web assets that generate a consistent recurring income that exceeds my current professional earnings. Age is also a factor that I need to consider – I need to ensure I have my own business again when I am forced to leave corporate life (ideally even sooner than that date – which is several years off …).

With the benefit of hindsight (in Agile speak, it’s known as a retrospective), I believe I can offer value by combining insights derived from:

  • my product development experience during my first stint as an internet marketer – as well as when I was an entrepreneur,
  • customer analytics projectss my team so successfuly delivered in financial services over many years, as well as
  • my current experience working in a corporate enterprise architecture environment – if only to see through the Bright Shiny Object syndrome ..:).

My goals with this website are:

  • to build out content – both based on my 30 years in analytics, as well as curated content from sites that I monitor,
  • to provide objective reviews of products – and ideally steer readers to making the right decision when considering new products, whilst earning a fair affiliate income through my efforts.
  • to add information and software products that I create in the ensuing months.

I will do my best to avoid products that over promise and under-deliver – which is going to be a challenge given the large number of ‘knock & drop’ products being churned out by some internet marketers. Given that I want to build an audience that trusts my reviews and insights – I can only do this if I provide objective reviews, and in time, supplement affiliate offers with quality products of my own.