Joe Polish in a 10X conversation with two true game changers: Dan Sullivan and Peter Diamandis.

I have followed all three of these entrepreneurial thinkers for several years, and have bought several of their products. I enjoy their expansive & innovative thinking – as well as their passion and belief in a better future for all.

The topics that the three cover during this wide-ranging discussion include:

  • How to buy back your time,
  • Focussing on your most important activities and multiplying your entrepreneurial impact,
  • The two crucial mindsets needed to generate massive opportunities,
  • 10x’ing your future, and
  • How to redesign your brain and health so you live beyond 100 years old, and more.

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I bought Richard’s book 20 years ago, and it transformed my analytical team’s approach to understanding our banking customer’s profiles – from both a customer value and marketing opportunity perspective.

We applied Pareto to our Activity Based Costing metrics for banking customers, and it helped to surface our customers with the best customer lifetime values. It also helped focus our outbound marketing efforts to grow the lifetime value of segments with identified potential.

What Is Pareto Analysis?

pIn the early 1900s, Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, made an interesting observation. He noticed that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by just 20% of the people. But what was more interesting, is that this relationship was repeated in other countries throughout Europe.

Over time, he realised that this 80/20 relationship was not limited to land ownership, or limited to human behaviour. He discovered that even nature exhibits the existence of 80/20 relationships – illustrated by the fact that 20% of the pea pods in Pareto’s garden produced 80% of the peas he harvested …

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As a decades-long practitioner of Pareto thinking, or applying the 80/20 principle, this morning’s email that I received from Todd Brown regarding what to focus on with your marketing really resonated. Too many of us focus on the minors. This was a reminder to me – yes – I also have to frequently check myself – as it is so easy to get sucked into irrelevant and low value activities.

Now Todd advocates that we stop focusing on ‘things that whisper’, and rather to apply our attention to the ‘things that scream’.

Being from South Africa, we’ve learnt that to ensure survival, we actually really need to pay attention to ‘Things That Roar!’ 🙂

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